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A bit of fear


This is where I struggle the most. I need to market but I'm afraid of what that will mean if I do. Money is great but I will then have to begin reporting earnings, if I get any. I self publish so thus far I haven't really earned anything, but the goal of my writing was not to make money so it isn't a huge deal to me.

I suppose I'm just an anxious person, but has anyone else felt this way?


Myth Weaver
Yes. Of course. The other side of writing is the business part and it too takes energy. And you have to do it all if you are self publishing. Ive always been in the i want to create, and the business end is not what i expect to be good at, but…. Well dammit, i like a lot about it. I want the control. We’ll see how that works out.
I make my living as a "maker of things" and I understand the trepidation you feel. Still, I would never have been as happy if I weren't able to put my creative work out there into the world and make it available to as many people as possible. Yes, I have to report earnings and pay taxes and deal with some things I'd rather not, but I make enough that i am blessed to be able to stay home and create every single day. For me, that's worth every little inconvenience or worry.

Doing so was my goal, but only because I'd labored as a "part-time artist" for years and grew tired of fitting it in around my necessary job.

For you, this may not be true, and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to go beyond those initial stages or to strive to be a full time anything.

Or perhaps it may not be true right now, but don't close yourself off to the idea completely when the rewards may one day far outweigh the perceived negatives. Either way, in the here and now, you are fine right where you are!