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Art for Adventures of the Last Aygiff

Discussion in 'Fantasy Art' started by Trip Williams, Jul 19, 2021.

  1. Trip Williams

    Trip Williams Scribe

    I am not an artist, so I was amazed when I was able to semi-draw some of my main characters the way I wanted them to go (though not all of them). They are still very rough and amateurish. If anyone wants free fantasy art practice, I would love to see better renditions... hehe... ;):giggle:


    With the first two pictures, I tried to draw Abirami, the main character who is a teenager (age 17), but drew him too old. Could more fit as a picture of his father, Haniumm. The next picture is out of proportion. His head is too small. But I tried to depict what an Aygiff looked like with his gaaban on. (An aygiff can transform into other animals, so a "gaaban" is a magical cloth they use that grows or shrinks with their size when they transform so they aren't naked when they transform back into a human)


    Tried to draw Puabi with color, but it didnt work out. Imagine jet black hair, bright orange eyes, and golden skin.


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