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I just remembered collections of potentially useful blogs I posted on my blog.

Resources for Worldbuilders – Fantasy Blogs

Worldbuilding School - learn to build an imaginary world

Blog providing large number of guides and resources for worldbuilding. Most of these are focused on map making and drawing, but there are also other resources available.

Home - Worldbuilding Magazine

An online magazine focused on worldbuilding. It has freely available PDF issues of the magazine, as well as the podcast. Each issue of magazine contains a number of detailed articles on various questions faced by worldbuilders. Articles include guides, interviews as well as short stories. Blog also has a podcast, and links to several relevant blogs.

Worldbuilding – Mythcreants

Mythcreants is an “online publication for speculative fiction storytellers”. It covers a wide range of topics, which also includes specific worldbuilding topics.

A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry

Blog is run by Bret Deveraux, a historian (or a history teacher?). It contains a large number of topics that would be useful for worldbuilders, ranging from commentary on military in speculative fiction to real-world topics such as bread-making. List of most useful articles can be found on his “resources for worldbuilders” page. These articles are detailed and cover a wide range of topics.

WorldBuilding Archives - Fluff about Fantasy

Blog covers a wide range of topics, from categorization of dragons to figuring out average character’s daily life. Posts are not very long, but still provide a good overview of issues inherent in the topics. For the most part however these are questions, which reader is supposed to answer himself.

Dive into Worldbuilding

A now defunct blog on worldbuilding.

Worldbuilding Rules!

Basics of worldbuilding, also defunct.

Blog – World Builder Blog

The Story Engine Blog

Home - Collaborative Worldbuilding


Resources for Worldbuilders – Military History Blogs

Weapons and Warfare

Blog on large number of military history topics. Articles are generally moderately long but well-written, and cover a large number of different topics. There are however several very long and detailed articles. Blog mostly focuses on overviews of past battles and events. Inactive since December 2021.

History and War

Blog focusing on military history, but also with a number of articles on current events and military questions. Articles tend to be longer and more detailed than in the previous example, but due to this it also has fewer articles.

Military History

A now-defunct blog on military history. Differs from the previous blogs by offering a large number of reviews.

This Day in U.S. Military History

Basically a calendar of events that had happened on any given date in US military history. Click on a date and enjoy the trip down the history hole.

The Deadliest Blogger: Military History Page

Blog on large numbers of military history topics and questions, including significant personalities and other issues.

De Re Militari » The Society for Medieval Military History

A very extensive, scientific military history blog covering a large range of different topics. Articles are long and detailed, and definitely not meant for casual readers.

The History of Byzantium

A very detailed yet fun podcast on history of the Byzantine Empire.

Swords and Armor

A blog on military history with a dash of fantasy.


Military History Encyclopedia on the Web

https://en.topwar.ru/MILITARY HISTORY BLOGS

Civil War History

Frontier Battles

Historical Resources About The Second World War

First World War Hidden History

1812 and all that