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toujours gai, archie
I have to book my cover artist nine months out, or longer. I can't afford to wait for the book to be finished and then tack another eight or nine months on top of that waiting for the cover.

It gets worse if you have an editor as well. The editor has one window of availability. The cover artist has another. If you have an illustrator (e.g., for a map) then there's a third window. Getting all that to coordinate can be a nightmare.


Myth Weaver
I must be insanely fortunate in the book cover department. Thus far, I have not had to wait more than a couple weeks for any of my book covers. I send her a crude MS Paint sketch and some notes, a few days later she'll send me some test pieces maybe a week later, I pick the one I like best, and we tweak that one to fit over another week.