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Anybody ever use Book Blaster?


Like the title says. I did a search and found nothing. Ever use them? Are they worth it?


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There's something to be said for experience. So, you might go with a cheap site or two if you are new to the book promo business. It's guaranteed you will make mistakes, and it's almost guaranteed you'll not sell much with your first promos. Plus, you'll sink some time here that you can recover later.

As examples, getting your author information in order, writing the blurb (which you'll need to do in various lengths), figuring how you will track and measure success. How long to wait, whether to repeat. Go through that learning experience at a discount, and you can spend the bigger bucks with more confidence. Or at least with less naïveté.
It's a subscription and that always makes me leery, that on top of giving you "credits" per month. That said, it sounds interesting.

I've wasted quite a few $'s with those "ONLY $20 thrown away" on early adopter sort of things. So hell, I might have to check this one out too, heh heh.

Nope, never used them.

From painful prior experience, I can say the majority of book promo sites are duds.

That said, the 'early adopter special' might be worth a shot. At worse, you are out twenty bucks and change.
Yeah, all those things look scammy to me, heh heh. I'm digging into it to see what's what, if possible.

EDIT: A sample I watched on YouTube didn't impress, but it was also geared toward self-improvement, nonfiction which I think would be easier for AI promotion. I'd be interested to see more for a fiction case study.
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Yeah, what y'all said was pretty much what my gut was telling me. But, hell, maybe I can always be wrong.