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Anybody else use WordPress?


Myth Weaver
Twice now, I've had problems.

One day a few weeks back, I wasn't able to access the stats. The problem lasted most of a day. Not a big deal, but it was annoying.

Today, it won't let me do anything: look at stats or, you know, POST.

Is this just me or do others have this problem?

EDIT: Seems to be working now, but, man, is that annoying! Is this just me or is it a systematic issue?
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I've had pretty good luck with Wordpress. Sometimes certain plug-ins or combinations of plug-ins can cause wonky behavior, though, so you're better off disabling any you aren't actually using.


I'm assuming you're using Wordpress.com? I've self-hosted Wordpress on my website for going-on seven years. Now and then I have issues, but I've found it's usually something silly I've managed to do somehow somewhere. :( Any website is literally going to have its ups and downs, and that's aggravating.
What MariMidnight said, basically. ;) I've used Wordpress, self hosted on my own domain and webhost, for about six or seven years now. No major issues; the minor issues are generally my fault. I've learned to back up everything before I try any really wonky changes. Always a good idea. But assuming I am not messing with anything "under the hood" or adding any really odd widgets, it just purrs along smoothly.


My site is on WordPress.org and I haven't had many problems in the 4 years I have had it running. My webmaster uses it for everything and will never switch to anything else. I guess, like all things, sometimes they can be temperamental.
I use the .com version and so far, really the only problem I've had with it is their...I guess it's flash-based stats in the dashboard are slow to load. :( Sorry I couldn't be more help, but yes, it does tend to be a little sluggish.