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Is there a point that you are trying to make that is detrimental to your plot? One could get tragic about nature, and the elements. I was thinking that some books turn into beds, some bookcases reside in attics, but the armchair politician slaps the armchair in mirth. Taking something that was meant to be personal, and flaunting it like a flag, is kind of ill intent in the first place. I use Night on the Galactic Railway as an example. It stars Giovani and Campanella, a blue and red cat, and the original book printed only five copies, in 1927. I have not watched the sequel, so you can’t quote me on that, because I couldn’t find it myself. It was made in 2012, but the first one is from 1985. They look the same, but one is a sequel. This is kind of the copyright issue.


Myth Weaver
Could not decipher this one.

Sometimes i may write stuff that is wrong for the plot. But that is what editing is for.