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BUG: Private forums require 6, not 5, posts to access.


I just noticed this bug as I achieved 5 and, soon thereafter, 6 posts.

I couldn't access the private forums when I had 5 posts, but I could when I got to 6.

I'm guessing it's a simple logic error ("greater than" instead of "equals or greater than").

It's not a big deal, but I figured it might be of interest to the admins.
It takes some time for your status to update after you hit the requisite number of posts. I'm not sure how much time, but I think it's a matter of hours. Maybe less. If you made that sixth post before your status updated, and then the update happened to go through right when you'd hit six posts, it would create the illusion that the sixth post gave you access. In reality, the fifth post did. If you hadn't made that sixth post, you still would have gotten access to the private forums after the same amount of time.