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Compiled all my work


On another site, I noticed a person asking about table of contents for MS2007.

In the discussion I got the idea to compile all my work into an MS-encyclopedia.

So far with some options changes it has worked.
the formating is gone when I posted. But each level is indented. Will try to adjust it to look right.

1) World (volume 1) 2
--1) Beastiary (book 1) 2
---Dragons 3
----Dragon History 5
-----Desert dragons 5
-------Desert Lightning dragon 5
-------Desert Fire dragons 6
-------Desert Acid dragons 7
-----Magma dragons 8
-------Magma fire dragons 8
-------Magma lightning dragons 8
-----Swamp dragon 8
-------Swamp Acid dragon: 8
-----Forest-Jungle dragons 8
-------Forest Gas dragons 8
-----Arctic dragons 9
----Dragon general information: 10
-------Softening: 11
-------Hatchling horns: 12
-------Dragon harvesting: 12
-------Dragon anatomy: 14
-------Dragon skeletonal: 14
-------Muscular system: 14
-------External anatomy: 15
-------Changeling: 17
----Elf 17
-------Wood elf 17
Geography(book2) 19
-Kingdom 19
--Capital City 19
---Capital city culture 19

Note; original settings will only let you use 3 headings.


to change this:

Go to "multilevel list" under paragraphs
click on "define New Multilevel list"
pick the number of levels
now you need to modify the headings(cause you only have one listed.)

Click in corner of styles;
"Apply styles"
click on heading 1 & "modify"
change "based on" to "no style"(top of the list)
click "ok" then reapply in the "apply styles" box
then change the heading number in apply styles to next number, in this case heading 2
click "modify" change "based on" to "heading 1" click "ok" and click apply in styles box, then go on to next heading number,
"based on" previous number.

Then go through your document and change your titles to the proper heading and then update(or add) table of contents.

I have only started on my many documents that will be included, but it seems to work.

If you have questions or need something clarified let me know.

I did this for all 9 headings, but only used 6 so far.


Heading 1-volume number
Heading 2-book group
Heading 3-book
heading 4-chapter
heading 5 sub chapter
heading 6 entry category


Just found out that I needed to save as docx to keep this formatting and be able to update toc.

To change this:
1.Click on Office button
2.click "word options"
3.click on "save" selection
4.click on window after "Save files in this format", click on (*docx)

If you send to someone that doesn't have 2007, you might have to convert it back.

I think I will keep books seperate, but all research and short stories will go in this.
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Four page table of contents.
But I can find everything I need within a click of the mouse.


Missed a step,
right click in Toc(table of contents)
click "edit field"
click on "toc"
click on "show levels" to the number of headings you want to appear in toc.