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Cream of the crop

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by Britical Hit, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. Britical Hit

    Britical Hit Acolyte

    I generally find it hard to remember what I've dreamed the night before, even within seconds of waking. However, when I can remember a coherent (on its own terms) dream and suspect it might make an interesting D&D encounter, into OneNote it goes!

    Looking over my notes, it looks as if I already adapted the first one and put it in the perspective of the player characters, rather than yours truly.

    Nov, 2017
    The PC's get super drunk and there's a confusion (in a hotel?) of sex and drugs. Next morning is amnesia city. However, during the binge there were several bloody murders: a serial killer happened upon the piss-up, also got drunk, and indulged his twisted pleasures. Do the PC's blame themselves or find the real culprit?

    Shortly after seeing A Quiet Place, end of April 2018
    A disease takes hold of people which is transferred by biting. It makes people very caring towards the monsters above. A bruise appears on the neck above the spine of those victims of the disease. Victims can supress signs of the disease except for the bruise.

    Mash-up between Stranger Things and Happy! (dream, 15-06/2018)
    A virtually indestructible villain (can take shotgun blast at point blank) is kidnapping people, especially children. He is targeting a psychic girl using psychic means himself. People mind-controlled in this way join him in his castle, which contains lawmen and other worthies under his influence.

    In Germany (in the real, waking world!), July 2018
    A Narcos-style villain runs through every conceivable way in which a bust could go down shortly before the fact. He decides upon bribing the top authority and smirks when the ' five GTA star' lawman storms the door with burning boots.

    06-09-2018, "Hardcore Henry"
    People are flung into a house, but who's the axe-murderer? Elite society types enjoy the unfolding carnage from afar. Turns out everyone's the murderer. The last person to survive is forced to be the killer for the next group. The elite society is made up of 'winners' of exceptional 'quality'.

    The floating balloon creatures are in charge. Are they omnipotent? Telepathic? Telekinetic? The human race acts as if all are true, enslaved as they are to the balloons. How long will it be before the alien creatures graduate from building a hyper-urban world, bristling with CCTV cameras, in which to enslave us humans, to exterminating us?

    In Buchholz, Germany (in the real, waking world), Oct 2019
    It's easy to escape your captors but any blood spilt will summon binding horrors which are the real jailers and threat.

    June 2020
    Corona is used to justify the rationing of food, but the real culprit is catastrophic climate change.

    A family has a young son who is terrorised when the lights go out by a floating sphere surrounded by a buzzing electrical field. When the sphere is confronted and cut into with a knife, it's wet inside and filled with white segments, like cloves of garlic.

    Destroying the sphere arguably makes matters worse. Now, when the lights go out, a tune plays that is audible by all. What's making it, some sort of remote controlled toy car? Destroying it is out of the question as that will make matters worse.

    The entity behind this is a charismatic man in a silver suit with a yellow t-shirt with the wireframe drawing of a fighter jet on it. He meets me/the father on a raising bridge. Me on one side, he on the other. He will make it stop if I… he hands me a sheet of paper with names on. I won't kill for him. Fine. He thinks. Go, then, to a club. Dance with the powerfully-built, unattractive girl. Persuade the DJ to play a banging tune that segues into The Glasgow Reel. Is he the devil? "Why won't you show your real face?" "Because you asked." He's always one step ahead.

    This is much easier, so I do as he asks. However, police and a judge are receiving print-outs of the details of the crime-to-be. Would it have been easier to take the hit-list instead?

    Combine (Half-life 2) style drones are dispatched to spy on me/us. One such drone comes within arm's reach and I grab it and smash it against the ground. Maybe I should have just taken the camera off and sold the laptop component!

    Welcome to hell! It's actually a hedonistic paradise (festival vibe etc.). However, 'inmates' can kill each other for the victim's power / status. The vanquished return in ever-more-wretched and desperate incarnations. The sale of weapons and other means of murder is rife in the more squalid, out-of-the way areas.

    Fraiger has successfully united France, Germany and Italy under his militaristic, but peaceful, fascist empire. An emphasis is placed on military exercise regimes, hazing and brutal self-denial as the key to happiness. A moderately attractive woman leads me through an exercise regime then offers herself to me at the end. I decline and she dies. Fraiger places me in charge of Germany. Luckily, given the time-frame, I supplant Hitler. Believing myself to be a benevolent, non-hateful Hitler, I copy his shouty mannerisms in an attempt to instil confidence. A pleasant serving girl tells me a prominent young man in the government is forcing himself on her and other women. I resolve to use my power to do something about it. Germany is still reeling from the death of Bismarck. My Hitlerite ranting is a poor substitute and it's going to be a lot of work. The youth are worried that nuclear power is going to be a dangerous form of energy production. The chancellery is also apparently a hotel in which a lot of British people are staying.

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