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Crowdfunding my first book

Wyndi Gayle

I am publishing my first novella, and have gone the crowdfunding route (Kickstarter, to be exact). I was wondering if anyone else has done this and what kind of success you may have had.

Although the novella is part of the campaign, it is mainly about getting my story out into the world. It started with a comic book, but I am a prose writer at heart; so I wrote the story from the comic in prose form and am offering it as a reward tier with the campaign. Because I have been part of the independent comic book scene for several years already, I am marketing the comic much more than the novella, but I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on how best to get the word out. I am not very present on social media, other than Facebook, because I don't have the time to keep up with multiple platforms. Even with my limited audience, I have reached my funding goal, but have had very few pledges for the novella. I understand that a big reason for that is that the campaign is being marketed as a comic book campaign. Any advice on how to draw a bit more attention to the novella?

It's a 96-page fantasy book, based on a character I created, in a world that my husband and I created for an online PbP RPG that ran for over ten years. If anyone could take a look at the campaign and give me some feedback or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Queen of Titania

I have approved this thread, you seem sincere and friendly. However, please keep in mind that soliciting money from members is not allowed in Mythic Scribes.

Have a look at the Forum Rules for further information.


Wyndi Gayle

Thank you, Sheilawisz. I do apologize. I hadn't intended to use this thread to solicit pledges. I merely was asking for advice, and thought that seeing the campaign would make offering advice a bit easier. I completely understand, though, and will absolutely remove any links to the campaign. Thanks for welcoming me. I look forward to perusing the forums and enjoying what everyone here has to offer. ;)