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Days Of Light And Shadow = Published!

Hi Guys,

Thought I'd let you know that Days of Light and Shadow has finally been published. This is the book that has destroyed my peace for the last six months as it grew from a normal fantasy into a 250k whopper!

Anyway its a traditional fantasy, though for once my hero isn't a wizard, he's a lord with no magic at all, but a loyal jackal hound at his side, and the bad guys, at least a few of them, are elves. I tried to turn the tables a little on the more normal tropes.

This is the Blurb:

High Lord Finell of the elves sits on the Heartwood Throne, lost in grief and rage. His sister has been brutally murdered and he dreams of revenge against those who murdered her, the savage humans. And he doesn’t care who has to suffer to make his dream a reality. Not his people. Not his own house.

Unknown to him his trusted adviser Y'aris was actually the one behind the crime. As he plays the high lord like a puppet, he secretly plots to destroy Finell and take the throne for himself, and then to launch a war of purification. He dreams of a day when the only people left in the world will be elves of the most noble blood, and he will sit as their king.

Unfortunately to make his dream come true Y’aris had to make a deal with a demon, and the demon has his own plans for the world.

Standing against them is Lord Iros of Greenlands, envoy for the human realm of Irothia, and a few other brave souls. But their dreams have become nightmares.

250,000 words. Adult themes.

And if any of you have the time I'd love it if you could check it out at:

Days Of Light And Shadow: Greg Curtis: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

Let me know what you think.

Cheers, Greg.