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Is there a chance that this site will eventually start a dedicated discord server? I can’t help but feel it would be beneficial overall.


Troglodytic Trouvère
Article Team
The suggestion has been made before, but I personally don't see the benefit of a discord server and imagine it would only siphon off members. We have a rather small and somewhat niche forum, and distributing our membership over two platforms would only ensure that we'd create two separate communities that have little reason to interact. Long-form discussions can be held in our threads just as well as they would on discord, whereas direct conversations between individuals is possible through the inbox. Lastly, off-the-cuff chat is possible in our aptly-named "chat." Considering that the vast majority of Mythic Scribes members don't interact with the chat function, there's little reason to believe members would take well to the more casual environment that discord servers promote.


toujours gai, archie
Yep, what Ban said. I value the asynchronous form of discussion. To me it makes conversations deeper, more interesting, and clearer. Real-time talk in all its forms is much like it is IRL--having a bunch of people talking all at once might be fine at a party, but for genuine conversation you withdraw to another room or leave entirely.


If it matters, I would be unlikely to use a discord board if it was to appear. I'd not stop others from using it though.