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Fantasy Art by Hope (Me!)

Hi! My name is Hope. I just got here, and I draw things - primarily creatures for my fantasy world, Einea, and they're definitely not typical fantasy creatures. I'm not the best - I only started digital art in 2020 - but I wouldn't say I'm the worst. I'll show everything here in ascending order of when I drew it.

The Thumper Beetle, a tundra-dwelling musk-ox-like arthropod. (2021)

The great diving beetle, an immense aquatic arthropod predator in a sea without whales. (2021)


The glass fawn, a semi-transparent amphibian that protects itself with symbiotic magical algae. (2021)

A Kho, a spacefaring alien species native to Einea's solar system (but not Einea) on a newly terraformed world. (2022)

The Tenetean corpse-eater, a scavenging pterosaur from Einea's largest desert. (2022)

A great yawning eft, an oceanic salamander descendant, releases pungent slime to defend itself from an aquatic pterosaur. (2022)

A true-colour map of the entire world of Einea. (2022)

An impression of a Kho that an Einean human has stumbled upon at night. (2022)
I love the creativity here, the first two renderings are particularly lovely. And the descriptions give a sense of scale. I wish I could see earth as is was like millions of earth ago, primordial soul and all that, lush with ferns and other ancient things