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Festive fantasy films 🍿 🎄

Yuletide Blessings, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and…otherwise happy late December 🌲

What are all your favourite festive fantasy films to cosy up to?

Mine are:

Fellowship of the Ring
Neverending Story (can you tell I’m a child of that era)
HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I also love watching my favourite period dramas because I’m a hopeless romantic and they provide me just as much escapism as fantasy genre does, but they’re not fantasy…

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Myth Weaver
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale [2010 by Jalmari Helander]
A story about the real history of Santa Claus.
Strap on the padding and remember NO SWEARING!


Myth Weaver
Well...I like all the puppet specials, but I am not sure all their titles. Specially Santa Claus is coming to town, which tried well to explain Santa and the traditions.

Otherwise, Christmas Story with the Red Rider BB Gun is on all the time, and as is Elf. I don't hate either of these.

I don't really have a fav. If I see, or dont see, any, I dont really care. My wife watches the Hallmark Channel which seems to be Christmas all year, so...I get a lot of it (though I am a little suspicious, I think that Lacy Chabert is a serial marry-er, I'd not trust her ;) )

I like the Charlie Brown Special, which I think did the best job of explaining the story, but its kind of sad and melancholy.

Otherwise, I am just hoping to get through the weekend with 1) still having some money, and 2) getting back to writing.

All the kids are grown up now, and no grand kids, so...its a little low key on all the fun events ATM. I am okay with that.


My favorites for this time of year as a child/young adult were:

Groundhog's Day (Grandma's VHS)
Diehard (DVD I think)
Star Trek Generations (saw it on DVD)

Since I wouldn't dream of watching low resolution films that aren't wide-screen anymore I can't watch these and I don't have access to them anymore.

Then I didn't watch movies much anymore at all and I haven't seen one since infinity wars and don't intend to because the ones I want either I can't watch without buying them full price or I just am waiting for them to come on in some way that I can actually watch them. It's not like I'm going to go buy a DVD at Wal-Mart just to see a movie I liked long ago.

It's an odd time in history for me to watch movies when there are so many other entertainment options. I play a lot of heavily modded Steam games.