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Free Audiobooks for an Honest Review (Crax War Chronicles)


Here's an opportunity for you audiobook aficionados:

My publisher has provided me with a handful of codes for free audiobooks through Audible.

If you're interested in listening to either Relic Tech or Relic Hunted, for free, in exchange for an honest review at Audible, please message me with interest and I will get back to you if you have any questions and will send the gifted audiobook.

You must have an Audible account and in your message let me know both the book you'd want to listen to and the email associated with your Audible account so that I can gift the audiobook to you.

Here is a link for the description of the novels (Crax War Chronicles) on my website: Crax War Chronicles (Relic Tech and Relic Hunted)

Here are the links to the Audiobooks on Audible, so that you can listen to the sample and read the description.

Links: Relic Tech and Relic Hunted

In any case, thank you for considering!