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Greetings and well met!


Greetings and well met to all of you Mythic Scribes,

I'm Graybles, for years uncountable Dungeons & Dragons enthousiast (Especially 2nd and 3rd Ed.) I took it upon myself to try and start creating a full-fledged "Fantasy Realm" to be the background of a bunch of stories. While traversing the Interwebz I came across this here fine site and gosh darn it... I guess I stuck around :)

Been busying me with fantasy and stories for quite a while now and now I'm ready to see where true dedication will bring me...

Good luck to all you other writers, poets and bards out there and who knows... maybe we'll see each other in some other topic!

Graybles from the Dark Gray Fantasy Project.


Myth Weaver
Hail Graybles!
Leap on in and enjoy this wonderful and exceptional site.
I wo/andred in over a decade ago and can't find the exit to this day! :geek: