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Greetings, Live Long and Prosper, Mae Govannen, whatever


Hello everyone!
I am Tom_Bombadil. I am a 16-y-old homeschooled writer. I have not yet written a full length novel but I enjoy writing short stories and inventing magical worlds. I love all of Tolkien's writing (as you might have guessed from my username) and consider him my literary role model, alongside C.S. Lewis.
Well, there's a whole lot more that I could say but that's all I'll write for now.
Tom at your service!


Tom Bombadil, you made me stop reading Fellowship of the Ring :mad: (I'll get back to it eventually)
Hello though, and welcome. I'm also 16, despite the beard.
Good luck with your writing.


Welcome, young Tom_Bombadil. Would you like a hot drink? Remind me to pick your brains later...


Greetings Tom, welcome to the group. You'll find many Tolkien and Lewis fans here. Say hi to Goldberry for me!


Thank you @Ireth! I see you are also a Lord of the Rings fan from your greeting and your title. "Valar Lord." Nice.

@teacup. Well,sorry about that. :(
Did my "ring-a-dong-dillo's" annoy you?

@Sia, A warm drink would be most welcome. Especially coffee. Or earl gray tea.

@ecdavis, Good to know.
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Wow! Small world. I'm also a 16-y-old homeschooler, love Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, and prefer coffee and earl gray.
P.S. Your ring-ding-dillos are what made me love you. "Tom Bombadil is a merry old fellow, his jacket is blue and his boots are yellow!"

How many 16-y-olds are on here?!

Kevin Zagar

Hey there Tom. I've just joined this community and saw your introduction post. I see you're a man of culture ;) Since it's been seven years since this post, I have to ask: did you manage to write a novel yet? I'm always interested in what Tolkien-inspired minds come up with!