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Greetings! Loner 1-man-army author here joining the group.

L. Blades

Hi Everyone, I signed up yesterday but am writing this today as my night job (and failed alarm activations) ruined my limited sleep pattern.

My name is Liam Blades, and I'm an author based in Scotland. I haven't done much on forums besides being an observer; I joined one forum over a year ago only to find it was basically dead (by dead I of course mean inactive, deserted), and another more popular one only to find my account was bugged and I could not do Anything, which brings me Here weyhey!-The novelty of actually being able to post something. I discovered Mythic Scribes via Twitter, and up to this point I have just been reading the comments, and many great articles featured by Mythic Scribes, and so now I've finally got round to registering.

I've always had an admiration for works of fantasy/science fiction, for various reasons, and spanning film, books, and gaming. As I've mentioned I'm an author; having written 'The Rings Of The Lords' (which I shorthand refer to as 'TROTL'), which is a fantasy-epic (500 pages),while being a parody of the whole fantasy genre. I completed the first draft in two years by 2011, but in that year I suffered amnesia as a result of a road accident. TROTL was therefore largely forgotten, with the project put on hold until relatively recently, having now self published the 3rd edition on Smashwords and Amazon (Hoorah!). I have also set up TROTL's namesake Facebook, Blog, and Twitter; where I let loose a large collection of supporting artwork and articles. Despite being similarly named to Lord Of The Rings, it is in fact a completely independent work, with unique characters, plot and World.

I admire the technical aspects of other works; whether graphical, or in terms of technical realistic-ness, which could translate for example as the graphical achievements of the Lord Of The Rings films, or realism achieved in various games. My favourite fantasy authors are J.R.R. Tolkien, and Terry Pratchett. (Sorry J.K. Rowling fans, I never liked Harry potter, even as a kid)

I describe myself as a 1-man-army loner in the sense that having completed my first book, I am the writer, the artist, and more recently the social media guru (sarcasm intended right here, I am no guru), and i'm also figuring out ways to promote my work, which is why I'm sitting next to a pile of artistic TROTL posters I had ordered. Fun Fact: Did You Know, that in the U.K. if you put up posters or stickers of any kind (including of a missing pet) you will be liable to be criminally charged for various offences, including vandalism, defacement, destruction of property, littering, environmental pollution, and various others that I can't remember the name of, as well as the threat of being fined excessively to clean or repair any damage that may be caused?-Needless to say my options are limited.

Anyway, I hope to become an accepted member of the community, and hope to be able to offer and receive productive words in the discussions!


Myth Weaver
Hail and well met L. Blades
Good to have you here
Wow... Amnesia and not in a tacky movie plot sort of way. Hope things are going better now.
And I know far too well the laws surrounding putting up a poster. Or more accurately, not well enough or I wouldn't have done it.
Even drawing on the pavement in chalk is a crime...
Good luck and see you around!

L. Blades

Thanks CupofJoe, and yes, things are much improved now.

My plan is to put my posters on public noticeboards at various venues, venues that have them at least (coffee shops bars etc.). Oh yes, the government will hunt you down for chalk on pavement, but leave the tax evading war criminals in government alone for sure!