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BJ Swabb

Hey there! So I am at a point where I am literally stuck. I need a creature that one must face. A Guardian sort of creature in which is like an obsticle to get through to pass to the next chamber. I have already used a dragon as one, and a few others like gorgons, and demons. But I want something very unique and different. Something that isn't common and been used a lot or never been used. Maybe something made up. Some sort of creature though. Any ideas??


Article Team
Gigantic, talking hippo with the largest arse you've ever seen that's sitting on the entrance to the next chamber. The great danger, with giant hippos comes a giant case of flatulence that suddenly evolves into a major case of diarrhea. Only the best swimmers will make it out alive.
If it's going to sit around for long periods in the hallway waiting for adventurers to wander past then something that doesn't need to eat or go to the bathroom like golems, undead, or sentient plants.