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Discussion in 'Writers on the Web' started by Gabriella, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Gabriella

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    'Kay I've had the blog up awhile ( Gabriella L. Garlock, HistoReWriter ) and still working on a couple of things 1) author bio. Just...Ack. And 2) be consistent -- how can I be consistent till I know what works?

    But my MAIN problem has to do with the advice: to find followers, like and connect with bloggers with similar interests. At least at this stage of my unpublished career.

    I have no problem with that, I love reading blogs, gonna have a look at some of yours for fun, already have some others.

    But apparently my search skills suck. Is it just a matter of keywords on Wordpress? And don't get me started on how little I know about navigating Twitter!! Search a hashtag, get only names, search without a hashtag, same--what about all this SEO and finding topics within their bio? I can't do it!

    I've found the best bloggers just tweeting around, but finding other newbies with similar interests? Still floundering.

    Advice? And thanks.
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    Hey Gabriella! I was poking around the forums and saw your post. (I'm such a terribly inconsistent lurker, I tell you.) I know it's been a few months since you posted this, but I figured I'd throw out what I found helpful for me.

    A few years ago, I started posting with the Insecure Writer's Support Group, which is a monthly blog hop. They have a sign-up list, and they recommend visiting other people on the list after you make your monthly post. It's through them that I found many of the bloggers I follow and interact with now. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll scroll through the commentors of blogs I like and click through to blogs I don't recognize to see if they're someone I'd like to follow. Of course, this is across all platforms, not just Wordpress, so if you're looking for only Wordpress blogs, then I don't have a whole lot of helpful information for you. But you can find me at Squirrel Talk by Loni Townsend - Nutty Chitter from a Caffeinated Critter.
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    Thanks Risu! I recently heard about the blog hops there and wondered how they worked. Your recommendation helps a lot--this was sort of exactly what I was looking for. I will check it out.

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