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Hello everyone, little bit about me

Hi 👋🏻

I’ve been wanting to find a space like this to explore and share my enthusiasm for fantasy writing and storytelling with other people like me.

I don’t know the specific genre, but I like writing my fantasy in a historical context - so in the time when horses were main mode of transport, and artificial light was still candlelight etc

I’m always inspired by nature, natural landscapes and old European culture, along with Celtic tradition.

Love a bit of darkness and mystery…

Im also a woman and feminist and love writing and creating strong female characters, and dynamics between women. Also love writing about male characters too just women inspire me to create complexities/pushing against stereotypes and perceptions etc.

Love midwifery so occasionally write or include this subject in my writing somewhere.

Bit of romance thrown in there…

Sorry if I’ve put half of you off!

I’ve probably forgotten loads of stuff but look forward to reading your writing (already read some short stories before registering!) hope to share some of mine…

Finchbearer 🪶