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Hello everyone!


Morrigan here!

I am a professional writer and writing tutor, just looking to get a bit more comfortable in the online space.

I am currently querying my book The Apostate Saint, whilst working on three more books, The Warg (On Draft 2), The Wytches of Drogmor (On Draft 1), and Apoligia (On Draft 3).

I generally write upbeat fantasy with darker themes, with the big exception being Apoligia. That is simply darkness through-and-through.

What they have in common is being overwhelmingly queer, with a focus on making awesome female characters to be remembered.

I have tutored dozens of clients, and generally like to help out! I will also be submitting articles on key writing concepts and ideas that I don't completely cover in my tutoring.

Thanks for having me!


Indeed. And 4 books. I finished one and told myself, 'well done.' Now I'm not so sure. :cry::notworthy:
And welcome from another newbie.