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Hello everyone.


I am an aspiring author and I have just completed the first novel of a four book series. Noting that I have not been published before and am exploring different avenues to do so. I am lucky in that I was able to retire early in life and decided to sit and write my first book. I have alway been a story teller from a young age, however with my new found free time I was able to finish the first draft of my first book in just under a year. Sliding in at just over 63,000 words.
I am interested in world building as my story take place in a land much different from or own. Introducing a pantheon of new Gods, spirit guardians and other creatures. In this first book I decided to turn the typical horror tropes upside down with a what I believe to be a unique and thrilling adventure. Following the journey of a young man as he tries to survive a dangerous and unforgiving world.
I have a divers background in illustration, animation, film and photography. Knowing that I would someday like to become an author, I have taken several writing classes over the years. However this is my first time joining an online community. I look forward to reading and learning from the rest of you.

P.S. I acutely live with a moderate case of dyslexia and relied heavily on auto correct. I will add that I refuse to let that stop me from passionatly writing the stories that I love. So I humbly as that you forgive my many spelling errors to come.

Joe McM

Welcome Malakota. I too a recently tired, due to being laid off at the end of 2021. Thankfully, I was close to retirement anyway. For me, the plan had been to write a self-help book but that morphed into a spiritual fantasy series after attending a writers webinar. Good luck with your series. I‘ve had a blast of writing my first. Editing the first is not as fun, albeit necessary.