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Hello One and All

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rithaniel, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Rithaniel

    Rithaniel Acolyte

    So, I am new and wanting to introduce myself. I am a college student currently seeking a degree in mathematical sciences and writing fiction on the side. I've been writing very simple and short things for the better part of a decade, currently, but nothing really worthy of any attention. I enjoy writing a good deal and have recently been encouraged to try my hand at writing a novel or short story. Naturally, before I try my hand at an undertaking like that, I want to get involved with a group which can give me solid feedback.

    So, I should share a little bit about myself. I try to be logical and meticulous in most things. I also love to laugh and deconstruct concepts. I listen to music ranging from Nightwish to Ronald Jenkees to The Beatles to Blink 182. If I had my way I would be fully nocturnal, but most institutions are not open at nighttime. I have a theory that humor is the human mind's reaction to something it perceives as absurd, hence nonsensical statements can often be hilarious. My own jokes are often sarcastic or based around puns and wordplay. (For example, I've recently had an exchange with a friend that went something like this:

    Friend: I'm bored.
    Me: Well, try being a board instead. That's not boring at all.
    Friend: What?
    Me: Unless of course there is a woodworker trying to bore a hole in you. You have no idea how boring that is.)

    Anyways, to share my current idea for a story: I am thinking about writing a novel with a more serious tone than all my talk about humor would imply. The story would be set in a fantasy world where all major characters in the story are deities. The plot would take place over the course of many thousand years and follow one particular deity.
  2. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Hail and well me Rithaniel
    Good to have you here.
    If you are a nighthawk and there is nowhere to roost, it can be a tricky time.
    I'm lucky to have a Library near me that is open 24 hrs a day [it closes Xmas day, New Year and Easter Monday]. You just have avoid the students that are somewhere between cramming, hungover. But you can find a quiet corner to write or read [and someone very kind gave me the free vend code for the Coffee machine - so I'm fine]
    And it sounds like a large canvas you plan to write on.
    Best of luck!
  3. Ban

    Ban Sir Laserface Article Team

    Ah, a nocturnal punny person. You will have no difficulty finding more of your nightly kin around here.
  4. Michael K. Eidson

    Michael K. Eidson Archmage

    Hi, RithanielRithaniel and well met. Hope you find inspiration in the Mythic Scribes halls, and that you find the right boar to bore and bore and not be bored or bored yourself while putting it on a board.
  5. Rithaniel

    Rithaniel Acolyte

    Thank you for the welcome, CupofJoe. Also, a 24 hour library? That sounds amazing! I would love to have a place like that to hang out in.

    Ah, that is excellent, Banten. It's good to know that I'll fit in. Also, thank you for the welcome.

    Well, first, Michael K, I need to board the Boar Express and go meet the Abhorred Board of Bored Boar Lords and make certain that I am adored by them. Then I can bore a bored boar into a board, and I wont be bored either. Also, I hope to find some solid inspiration too, and thank you for the welcome. :p
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  6. TheCatholicCrow

    TheCatholicCrow Inkling

    I believe this is called Incongruity Theory.

    "In everything that is to excite a lively convulsive laugh there must be something absurd (in which the understanding, therefore, can find no satisfaction). Laughter is an affection arising from the sudden transformation of a strained expectation into nothing. This transformation, which is certainly not enjoyable to the understanding, yet indirectly gives it very active enjoyment for a moment. Therefore its cause must consist in the influence of the representation upon the body, and the reflex effect of this upon the mind." (Immanuel Kant)
    Hello and welcome :)
    Good humor is always welcome in even the darkest of stories. I don't think humor and a lighthearted story necessarily go hand in hand. Don't be afraid to take your story into some weird and strange territory. Good luck :)
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