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Hello everyone!

I've always had a love for fantasy and sci-fi stories, and have always had ideas for them swirling around in my head (to the point that I have a few basic characters for my world). A lot of what I tend to write down is what I could describe as "modern fantasy" (thought I'm not sure if that's the right term) where you have elves and angels and demons walking around in the modern day 2000's

I've started writing a fantasy romance for Camp NaNoWriMo so ideally that's going to be finished within the month (or at least the first draft is!)

This is my first time in any kind of forum, so I hope it's a good experience :)


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Hail and well met bvlaw
Good to have you here.
This is a remarkably friendly supportive place for the internet.
Hope you feel at home here as I do.
Don't be shy to leap in, and the older threads have a lot of useful stuff in them.