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Tiny Kaen

New Member
Hi, I go by Tiny, one of my nicknames. As you can tell from the nickname, I am short, very short. Kaen is the main character from the story that I spent most of planning and writing. So bam! A username has been found. I'm relatively young compared to most people, so I might(will) need a lot of teaching.

If I ever decide to post something, as a heads up, I like to kill off my characters. I know for a fact that more than 90% of my main characters are dead, killed off, or unable to die, so they suffer because of living. Apparently, I really like making tragic stories for some reason. My main character Kaen gets betrayed and sacrificed to stabilize a dimension break by his beloved "friend." He gets revived as a minor god serving under Kage since he is looking for a suitable successor. I think that story was less tragic than my other stories. In my different story, I have my other main character, 003, kill the supposed antagonist to realize that he is his childhood best friend before being kidnapped and brainwashed. 003 then destroy part of the government in grief and commits suicide afterward. We then have Keith. He's a liar, is very much scheming, manipulative, and dishonest. Still, only after most of the plot does he decide to not use Nicholas as a scapegoat. This caused Lefko to find Keith and torture him to death. My female main characters often have better endings and not so tragic stories because I somehow feel pity for killing them off. I just find their pairings better (I design my characters in pairs, mostly childhood friends.)


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Howdy Tiny Kaen, Welcome to the site.

Character slaughter is just the price of initiation.