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hi everyone!

I'm a college senior who loves to write fantasy. I've been working on one project in particular on-and-off for several years now, and since I'm nearing the end, I wanted to try to reach out and connect with some other writers! I'm gonna be honest in that I've never been good at being super active on forums, but I do love to talk + learn from other writers, so don't hesitate to reach out to me! I'll try to pop up here and there too^^

BJ Swabb

Hello Atlas. Welcome to Mystic Scribes. This is a great site for feedback and information. Lots of writers who help one another here. If you ever want someone to read your work, I can do that, or if you want to just talk in general we can do that too. Welcome again!


Myth Weaver
Welcome aboard! The closest I tend to get to reaching out is critiquing, so, brave the boards with an unflinching heart.