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    I'm a fantasy writer from Canada. I've got a number of short stories in print (somewhere; I started with ss's but moved on to novels some years ago). I've also got two novels, both young adult fantasies--"Out of Time" and "The Great Sky". The first was shortlisted for the Prix Aurora Award in 2013 for Best YA Novel (the Aurora's being Canada's preeminent award for speculative fiction writing); the second is the first in a series.

    In related work, I write extensively for the "Legend of the Five Rings" game setting. I've written official fiction and role playing game (RPG) material for the new version of the game, published by Fantasy Flight Games, and wrote a lot of stuff for the 4th Edition of the RPG. I've written a few things for other RPGs, as well.

    You can catch more of my stuff on Wattpad, by looking for user dgladeroute. You can get my books in ebook format via Kobo or Amazon; there's also an audiobook version of "Out of Time" available.

    So, that's me. Great to be here!
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    Hail and well met D.G. Laderoute
    Good to have you here.
    So your a newbie then...;)
    Leap on in and enjoy!

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