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How can gods maintain control of their avatars across dimensions?


Our reality is separated from the god realm through a veil that functions as a barrier. As the physical and metaphysical realms operate by different rules, the veil prevents them from interacting. The only way for a god to influence the mortal world is through an avatar.

An avatar takes the form of a physical humanoid that is built using godtech. After this body is designed, it is summoned to the mortal realm, retaining the deity's abilities. The god is supposed to be able to control this body from the alternate realm, and is able to interact with mortals.

However, there is a problem. Once the body is in the physical realm, it is subject to the barrier, which prevent the world's from interacting. The artificial body loses its connection to the god dimension, cutting it off from the gods control. This defeats the purpose of the whole thing, as the body is now just some bag of fleshy material that cannot be manuvered.

The gods need a way to maintain some interface between themselves and their artificially created bodies to maintain the connection between each other. How can this be made to happen?


Well aside from the obvious option of having them use godtech that allows it to not be cut off they could download a copy of their mind into the avatar. Thus, while a god does its thing in the godrealm a copy of it is running around in the avatar on the physical world and then once the avatar returns to the god realm they reabsorb the copy from the avatar to obtain its memories.

Red Star

Maybe you can use some kind of focus item that acts as a transceiver. This will solve that issue and give the avatar a flaw to counterbalance its godlike powers. Kind of like a lich's philactery. It'll add characterization to the avatar too. What sort of object would they choose as their transceiver and why? It can operate with a sort of "divine radio signal" that transcends dimensions for lack of a better word.