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How many people had pieces inspired by a dream?

I once had a story about a shape-shifting couple ( the man and woman could both turn into lions. The man had multiple forms whereas his wife only had one ). The setting was very unclear, set mostly in forested areas, with cliffs, that could've been from who knows where. I can't recall much else, other than he had an evil scientist of a brother; two brothers, in fact, although the second was not a villain.

The story was very cartoon-like. I'd not consider it anything to be taken too seriously anylonger. Especially, since I'd been young.


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I vaguely recall the first story I tried to write. When I started I had images of a huge 300 page story in my head, but when I wrote it, it came out to a page and a half. I can even remember wondering why it was not longer. I'm gonna guess that was third or fourth grade. Who knows? It was about a wolf-boy and something stupid. It was not until college that I came to get very wordy about stuff.

I wrote a story for Dragon Magazine once, but they turned it down...go figure. It was about thieves and betrayal. All I remember was the big event was that one smashed a bottle of poison in the hand of the other, cutting his hand on the glass and sealing his fate. Meh....

But stories have never been based on dreams. I don't even remember them mostly. I just hope the stuff I write today is not equally as childish as the stuff back then ;)