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It's a Jungle Out There

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Orc Knight, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Orc Knight

    Orc Knight Archmage

    "Take this, you'll need it." A machete is given out.

    It's time yet again for another of my questions concerning world building. It's not something that seems to come up that often but is geared more towards action adventure and pulp stories. Got to go with all that dash and flash and running away from hungry natives. And sometimes has pirates and great lost golden cities and other such. These are of course jungles. And to think all they could hold, from lost plateau full of dinosaurs and dragons to vicious man eating flowers and even a fountain of youth that conquistadors look for.

    As they don't come up that often in regular fantasy books (Black Company being one that does get to them) and more like in the classic sword and sandal ones I go to the jungles. Eld's jungles are much like the rest of the world, massive affairs that going in unprepared is an easy way to off yourself within a days walk. Trolls and elves live in high tree cities and both give offerings to Kaas the snake god, also known as Python. Dark elves live in their own cities deep within it and fly their giant parrots around in it. Cities are ruled by great apes deep in and flocks of wyverns fly in the tree tops. It is a vibrant and colorful place and full of insects and plants ready to kill the wanderer. It also holds many mysteries and the great hidden troll city of the Emerald Deep and the City of Life, which was the start of the undead plague.

    In other jungles are the broken communities of the jungle elves trying to get by. In the Celestial lands they are under the purview of the Celestial Empire and naga are quite common. They are all still as dangerous as the largest one. And all of them have their own World Tree's within them, forming it's own ecological community within the larger one.

    So, welcome to the jungle, you're gonna die. What are your world's jungles like? If you have them.
  2. Yora

    Yora Maester

    I created my setting as a forest world with Bronze Age city states, covered in ancient ruins of lost civilizations.

    Though only the southernmost parts are tropical and that's about where the known world ends. It's where, as in honored pulp tradition, the snake people live with their Mayan temples. Or Cambodian temples. Probably both.

    One of the consequences of being a forest world with fast growing plant life is that there aren't really any roads. This confines civilization to the great rivers and the coasts where cities can be reached by ships. If you want to go deeper into the forests, taking a boat is still the best option. When you have to go by land, the default form of transportation are camel-like dinosaurs who can carry respectable loads on small forests paths.
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  3. Orc Knight

    Orc Knight Archmage

    Always got to have the lizard and snake peeps. I am now hitting myself for forgetting to mention them. Well, I did mention the naga. Just not the other varieties of those dino riding ones and the like. And who better to serve the snake god then them eh?
  4. ThinkerX

    ThinkerX Myth Weaver

    main world, I have the imaginatively named 'Jungle Lands' south of the Solarian Empire. Solaria tried to conquer that region a couple times in the past, but while their legions could best the local warriors, disease killed them in droves. Eventually, they settled for a few trade cities at the fringes. Later, some of these trade towns joined with others in a successful rebellion, becoming part of the misnamed 'Free Cities,' a situation that has persisted ever since.

    The Jungle Lands are home to the 'Black States,' a loose alliance of fiefs populated by dark skinned people, who in Solaria's estimation make prime slaves. What with local feuds and misrule, Solaria doesn't even have to raid these realms, instead local potentates sell their kin into servitude. Over the past few decades, enterprising outside merchants have established a thriving trade in exotic woods and rubber (for bicycle tires). Apart from that, the Jungle Lands are a mystery to Solaria and the Free Cities - the disease thing, to which the locals are immune. The cities - several of which boast six digit populations - are little more than rumors and marks on maps.

    Fierce beasts - giant cats, huge snakes, and monstrous fire breathing 'thunder lizards' (aka wingless dragons) inhabit the jungle, and are enough of a menace to where the locals established a special warrior caste - male and female - to cull the more annoying specimens - the Monster Hunters. Monster Hunters are among the few 'foreign' fighters for whom Solaria has any respect. Odd relics brought forth by wizards and wanderers denote the presence of several sites from the era of the 'Dawn Races' or 'Ancient Aliens.' Cat-like Rachasa from the southern plains visit the Jungle Lands to test themselves against its monstrous inhabitants. There are rumors of bird-men dwelling in a city of stone spires in the Jungle Lands deepest reaches..
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  5. WooHooMan

    WooHooMan Auror

    A feature of jungles that I’ve always liked is how they seem to wrap on themselves. So I had this idea for a huge sphere, about twenty miles in diameter from one end to the other and about two miles from top to bottom. I guess it’s more of a saucer than a sphere but whatever. It’s just a bunch of plants wrapped around each other and all the odd creatures that inhabit it. There’s also a layer of dirt held to the sphere by the massive tangles of roots.
    Also, the sphere moves at a rate of one mile per year. The roots regular uproot or die off as new roots dig slightly further on the other side of the sphere.

    I’m not sure how it’s water system works since jungles need a lot of moisture. I guess I could just say “magic” and call it a day.
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