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Joseph campbell on mythology

Discussion in 'Writing Resources' started by phantommuseums, Feb 18, 2015.

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    Ooh! Good to know. (The Religion major in me is cheering.) If I remember correctly Yale has some online lectures on YouTube as well. There should be some on the Hebrew Bible which extensively examine the Near Eastern cultures (Babylonians, Arkadians, Philestine etc.) ... I watched them a few years ago when I was taking a course on it. Not super exciting but it dealt quite a bit with creation stories and early mythic texts (and the cross cultural exchange of them).

    I'm definitely going to check it out- thank you!
    I'm assuming that those of you interested Fantasy share mutual interests in Medieval Histories, cultures, or at very least speech patterns and writing styles ...

    Fo primary Medieval texts & documents Fordham's collection is my absolute favorite - Internet History Sourcebooks

    I would highly recommend Tacitus' Germania which both praises and condemns the virtues and horrors of the Germanic people. This is bound to give you a thousand ideas for building worlds and cultures.

    Slightly off topic but if anyone's interested in ghosts/undead I'd like to recommend this article from an old professor of mine. I'm given to understand it's become quite prominent in the History community. As a Historian she had a tendency to place a emphasis on examining and interpreting historical literature so you're bound to find some great stories in here which you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else (some of the texts she references have yet to be translated from Latin).

    -Thanks for the link! I know what I'll be listening to tomorrow :)
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