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Manalodia's Gallery of Arte

Discussion in 'Fantasy Art' started by Manalodia, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello Manalodia!

    Thank you very much for sharing your incredible artwork with us. It's really quite impressive how well you do it, and I bet that many people would be envious of your talent and capabilities. I have no experience in the art of drawing, but I know how difficult it is and I congratulate you for your success in it.

    My favorites so far are Miriam, Mila and Cachusa, they all look impressive.

    I think that what you do really well is to represent the personality of your characters in these portraits. When I look at them I can actually feel the essence of the character, what they are like, what it would feel like to stand in their presence... Excellent work in transmitting the character's personality to the people that see their portraits, very well done.

    Also, I know that many people that draw character portraits often have trouble with drawing good and believable hair, and you really do excellent hair.
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  2. Manalodia

    Manalodia Sage

    Why thank you, Sheilawisz! ^_^ I'm just happy a site like this has somewhere you can share artwork, given it is a great medium alongside literature. Typically, self-taught artists have a slower start than others, but I'm very happy with the progress made over the years. So much practice and studying of different thing, traditional and digital, so progress is always constant ^_^

    Yes :) I've gathered from our talks that Mila is one of your new favorites and would have guessed you liked the nobler looking characters.

    I'm glad to hear that considering these are pretty reserved portraits without any 'big emotion' displayed. Much appreciated though since I generally don't hear that often. I tend to put more expression in concept sketches when deliberately practicing such things, but I like classical portraits with reserved figures that still convey much with simpler things. I don't think I've mastered it, but hope to get there.

    I've bounced around a lot with picking a preference between anime and realistic for awhile. In the end though, the clumpy, highly cartoon style never really suited even more worst pieces ^^ It took a lot of practice and figuring out just how realistic I wanted it to be, but that is at least one thing I'm comfortable with now. Thank you very much~
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  3. Manalodia

    Manalodia Sage

    Prince of the Rose Palace

    Eternity: Prince of the Rose Palace begins the series with the story of Viennri Manalodia Valerius Arcturus. The Kingdom of Lithavania is at its height when an heir is born to Viennrose Rondomel and Viennrosette Rosalba. Born with the mark of his ancestor Calamus, his strong affinity with the abyss deems him worthy for Court Sorceress Ziva to bestow him with Scarlet Queen, the fail-safe of the Origin Glyph. This was a wise decision given that once rival's ruler in Betamoth passed the throne to his son, Sharad, the patterns for the Origin Glyph were taken to the Ariem empire and war was declared a short time after. Though understanding his father's hesitation, Manalodia challenges Emperor Sharad himself; his Scarlet Queen and Sword of Rose against the Betamoth army and its amalgamations created by the Penumbra's magic.
  4. RedAngel

    RedAngel Minstrel

    Your work has inspired me to start drawing again. It is really amazing and thank you for sharing all this amazing art.
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