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Marketing Collective Concept


toujours gai, archie
That sounds reasonable.

Ditto here on web coding. I still have and use Filezilla, if that tells you anything. I can do CSS but not Javascript, so I can't produce anything that approaches interactivity. Not even a subscription script.

I could do articles. I could cross-promote, though I have only my newsletter and my website. No Twitter, nor any of its prettier cousins. Went on a few dates with some of them but I never called back.

My feet aren't wet but they're sweaty. Does that count?


Troglodytic Trouvère
Article Team
Sounds interesting. I can join in on the article writing and book publishing front, but if this collective will be geared more towards the monetary investment and established network side of things my utility diminishes quickly.
Website is an easy thing to set up. I'm sure squarespace could work. Haven't used them myself, but I'm guessing it's mainly just point and click. A Wordpress site isn't that much more work. Again, it's gotten to a point and click place unless you want something very fancy.

As for content, I think we should figure out the target audience and write for them. I'm guessing "fantasy reader" is good enough on that front, which means author interviews, reviews, history stuff, etc are good. I'd personally stay away from writing related content, unless it's to explain what you did in your story. Writing content markets to writers, not readers. And while I love reading other writer's writing content, it has never made me buy a book.

I agree on no pure sales blog posts, and no politics. Getting into politics can't end well. And people don't care about sales blog posts. I think allowing release FB posts and the like is fine.

I think FB is probably the easiest social media to start on. It's just low-technology posts where you can spend a lot of time thinking about each word you type (if you so want). Video platforms, like Youtube and Tiktok, or podcasts are harder work. If only because quality equipment is a thing, but also because talking at a camera or microphone takes practice. Still, I think the potential upside if it works can be bigger.

All in all, I think FB + Website are a good place to start.