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My Fantasy Novel "Charybda" Now Available

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by deilaitha, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. deilaitha

    deilaitha Sage

    At long last, my debut novel is available!

    "Nivin has never seen the colors of a sunrise. She has never seen the brilliant green of trees in summertime. She has never even seen her own face. Blind from birth, she has lived seventeen years in a culture where anyone with physical defect meets death by the King’s sword. When she is discovered and flees, she encounters the first thing she has ever seen in her life: a Charybdon, a portal in the form of shimmering ribbons of light. Along with a fellow fugitive, she meets a young man named Brand who seems to be from a different world altogether—a world where the dragon Scylla and a wicked sorcerer hold the lands in an iron grip. Sword and steel have proven worthless against their reign. But even as she unravels the mystical powers of the Charybda, Nivin begins to learn something disturbing about herself. Out of her element in more ways than one, what part can a blind girl play in a centuries-long war?"

    This novel was actually published in December but I haven't been promoting it due to the sudden, tragic loss of my parents in a house fire. My parents were so excited to read this book after having seen the first draft years ago, but they never got the chance to see it. It's been really hard for me. No, this isn't a sob story to get you to buy my book...it's just that I can't stop thinking about them. For some reason, I feel like I can't talk about this book without talking about the people I loved so much who were so proud of me...

    Anyway, my book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble in both ebook and paperback.



    Barnes and Noble

    Charybda: Worldstrait Book I

    You can also read the first chapter for free on my blog.

    Chapter One of Charybda: Book I
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