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Out Of Darkness Pubbed

Hi all,

It's a good day for me. Out Of Darkness has finally been pubbed after two long years of being written and re-written. In that time its gone back and forth over the ending, changed it's name (it was originally called Farry) and ended up at a hundred and seventy K - quite a hefty read. It's also quite a heavy book, moving a little further into the dark melodrama than I normally did - maybe that's some of the reason I kept writing and rewriting it. I just didn't know how to end it - which is odd because there were only ever two possible endings - Girla A and Girl B!. But it's done and I'm so happy - and I think I managed to maintain a little light heartedness in the midst of what veered somewhat into the grimdark. But it's also steampunk, epic fantasy and strangely heroic.

Anyway please feel free to take a look and tell me what you think. (Especially about the cover which was also a battle to get right)

Cheers, Greg.


Myth Weaver
I might add it to the list.

Been making it a point the last year or two to read a couple books by the boards published authors...and occasionally posting reviews here.