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Review Swap


Well, as the title of the thread says.

I have been working on a novel for about 2 years now. Suffice to say, it is more complete than its ever been. I started on 317k words and am not widdled down to 250k (and cutting).

After word count my final issues will be deciding what to cut and how to add focus to the story.

I am looking to critique with folk who have longer bodies of work they want read. My issue is, due to length, my partners are only able to review about half of mine for theirs.

I am also looking for people who can take advice well when I point out basic mistakes or give advice (I mention the good with the bad, but have little mercy on echoes, repeating head words, odd logic or other things that can break immersion). My eye has sharpened over the last two years by doing a ton of review swaps and reading a ton of reviews on indy books (plus having my own work reviewed by as many people as possible on this forum and other forums).

Anyway, if interested in a swap, PM me. ;)

My theme is dark fantasy, with some adult themes (don't worry, only "two" sex scenes in 60 chapters that I just felt added to the emotion I wanted to show and they are not graphic...). Mostly adult themes as far as violence.



Dang its hard to get a critique partner...

Answering this won't even bump it since it's been up almost a month and has hardly moved down the page....