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Seasons Unceasing: A Lovely New Anthology Featuring A. E. Lowan and a Host of Other Talented Authors

A. E. Lowan

Forum Mom
"Days come, and days go. Time is a snake eating its own tail, and all things have their end. Explore the contradictions of life and time in this speculative fiction anthology featuring upcoming authors. Find love in unexpected places or test the limits of your sense of duty. Follow a witch as she seeks to discover her purpose, and watch as a man faces the hungry wolves of winter - and his own mortality."

A younger Etienne Knight gets himself into a little trouble with a pretty flower faerie and a lack of pants.

Amazon.com: Seasons Unceasing: A Worldsmyths Anthology (Worldsmyths Anthologies) eBook : Bell, Freya, Silver, Odessa, Miller, Catherine, Soper Gorden, Nicole, Cooper, Kat, Donovan, Caitlin, Lowan, A.E., Elliot, JS, Solon Parry, Cassandra, Epanchin, Michael: Kindle Store
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