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Soliciting Prompts


I'm going to be doing something a little bit different on my blog. Call it fan service.
  1. Not that kind of fan service.
  2. I realise I have no fans.
  3. I'm not egotistical enough to think you care ;)

What I want from you guys (and anyone else you want to tell of this) is writing prompts, and just generally things you don't want to write but would like to see me take on.

And I do mean anything. Send me WHATEVER you like.

  • Romance prompts.
  • Scifi prompts.
  • Slice of life prompts.
  • Horror prompts.
  • Literary fiction prompts.
  • Whatever.

These will become examples of short fiction that will post on my blog, once a week like clock work.

(In the spirit of networking--again--I'll link to your social media and books where ever they may lay. You will be getting a bit of exposure... if networking theory works. Aren't I Kind.)

Contact me either by pm on Scribes. Or at: [email protected]

Networking + Pushing me to write + Interactivity. Win-win situation.

Challenge me. Challenge yourself.


Just received my first prompt. Many thanks go to Bob.

I also want to reiterate. This is not for profit.

I'm not asking you to provide me with idea I can get rich off. Feel free to keep the good stuff to yourself, I don't mind. This is all a just for fun challenge. Note the word challenge. I don't necessarily want terrible prompts, but anything will do. The challenge is two fold. 1. I'll need to write more, more consistantly, and to a deadline (when I post the resulting fiction). 2. I'll strive to get the best out of any idea, hopefully proving to you guys what you can do with even the most passing thoughts.


Ah yes.. there's an example of the kind of stupid typo that plague my manuscripts when I'm not looking.

I could have easily gone over board as I'm sure you were tempted to when you attempted it. But I figured, get out as soon as people twig. It's only flash fiction, it has no time to explain and thusly ruin something.

Glad your experience of this challenge was a good one :)