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Splatter Elf: A Dark, Twisted World

Philip Overby

Article Team
If you've seen my work in the challenges or read my signature, you know that I revel in taking over the top violence, crazed magic, and weird monsters and sticking them in a blender. This style has been distilled into the essence of my world of Splatter Elf. A world where monster hunters strive for supremacy, collapsed empires stretch for miles, warlocks steal wizards' teeth for magic, and of course, undead unicorns.

I've taken a more action-based approach towards my fantasy in an attempt to blend my favorite parts of sword and sorcery, grimdark, dark comedy, and slapstick. Since my world is based in the Year 10,000-something, with armored mechs once being a reality, my characters tend to use modern language despite magic and swordplay.

If any or all of this interests you, you might enjoy what I have upcoming in my Splatter Elf world. If you'd like to keep up with updates, I've shared some links below. You can check out cover reveals, short excerpts, and sometimes pics of cats with unicorn horns.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/splatterelf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SplatterElf

I have a dead blog I might necromance here one of these days, but for now those are two places. If you like weird, sometimes funny, sometimes bloody fantasy, give it a looksie!