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Story Updates!


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Hi, its me Kanata ^^ The random author you found while you were either distracted from your huge pile of work or just scrolling. I've some updates on my stories!!
The story I told you about last time, the couple of Hiran and Yichen yea that is on pause right now because of my academics. But the old story that had been in pause has been collided with the new one. We've been planning on making it a Webtoon but we're not sure yet since it is a very important year for us so we may not be able to find out the time for it, but we'll try since the story seems kind of? unique. And it is co-related to the first story that I've briefed about earlier in my posts. I hope we can make it a webtoon!! I don't wanna spoil it so you'll have to wait ^w^ I am also writing a story on my wattpad be sure to check it out!

Link for story: ᎪƝᏀᎬᏞ ᎳᏆƝᏀⲊ - Kanatawastaken - Wattpad

Thank you for reading!! :D