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The Dakarai

Discussion in 'Fantasy Art' started by Lumani, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. Lumani

    Lumani Minstrel

    Hello! ^_^

    I thought I would separate some of my artwork into groups as different people seem to be interested in different parts!

    For this thread I will start showing you bits of the Dakarai, who are somewhat like a 'werewolf'. However they do not have a middle form. The Dakarai are the oldest of the wolf cousins and are usually seen as royalty. They are the only wolf which is born, not made. Only the green eyed female can produce offspring. The offspring of two pure Dakarai will have green eyes. Offspring between green eyed females and cursed (made) males or males of different wolf races will usually result in a male with regular eyes. These normal eyed children are born human and once they come of age, they are forced to endure the attack of one of the royals to see if they are worthy.

    13 wolves originally made up the last Dakarai pack. They are bonded to 'soul reapers' which are carnivorous equine creatures which guard Moranna's temples. The soul reapers are the keepers of the Dakarai souls and as long as the reapers are alive, their souls will be reborn until all 13 are reunited. If a reaper dies, the soul is destroyed.

    This is a scene from the start of my story, the first book of the 'Blood Rite' trilogy. Lumani is the Alpha, reincarnate of the original Dakarai Alpha. His mate and queen is Amara. They have 3 children later in the series - Balias, Lumara, and Cian :) I will continue to add images of the Dakarai people here, and will possibly start other threads with other races and creatures of my world!

    I was originally going to use this for a book cover, but its a bit to busy!


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