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The Hunger Games Trilogy


The one thing that I hated (initially), though, was the love triangle. It seemed like an unnecessary intrusion in an otherwise profound story, put there to draw in teenage girls. Being a 30-something married guy with a kid, having to read through pages of teenage angst over which guy to choose was not pleasant.

I couldn't agree more with this. I liked the trilogy as a whole more than I thought I did because Katniss was incredibly likable and the ending was surprisingly good. I liked the first book, hated the second, and liked the third again. The second book felt like the same thing with just more angsty love triangles in it. One thing I liked about the movie was how they pushed the love triangle to the side. I have the sudden urge to read something where a love triangle is actually done well, but I don't know of anything.


Queen of Titania
@Black Dragon: I am sure that the panel you mentioned will be very interesting, and I hope that you will give us another link so we can listen to the discussion and everything like your recent podcast =)

I was also very surprised, like you, to discover the complexity, depth and meaning of the The Hunger Games trilogy... I was expecting something totally different when I started to read it, and by the time that I finished, I was very happy that I had decided to read it all.

Peeta represents that Life can go on, that we can try to live and be happy again no matter how terrible the past is... while Gale represents anger and fire, the need to seek revenge, to fight so you can go on with life.

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