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The Templer Plot

I'm not even sure this is a legitimate sub-group within fantasy. I know it fits fantasy in a lot of ways but it's also tongue-in-cheek. I call the genre "Humorous Historical Fantasy."

It purports to be a real history of the Once Country without a Man that's now a Country without a Land (since the BAM). And that gives you an idea of the foolishness. It has myth, magic, intrigue, a secret ancient brotherhood, a crystal skull (what else?) and a lot of other stuff.

AT any rate, I came on here to ask for your sufferance of my not being a regular poster. But I know Sheila and when I told her about it now being up, she suggested I come on here. So here I am.

My book is called THE TEMPLER PLOT (and that's not a typo in Templer). If you'd like to take a look at it, although maybe it'd be better to hold off until tomorrow because I did the Kindle alone and boy! have I had problems with getting the title to say Volume One--it wouldn't--so now I've tried Volume 1--maybe that will work. Also since I had to put a series name, I changed it again!

Did I mention I'm having trouble? The main text however has not been subject to all this. It's stayed the same.

Thank you for your patience. The Amazon link is: The Templer Plot (Chronicles of Four Royale Grande Princesses Fair): Renee Goudeau: Amazon.com: Kindle Store.

And please no rocks thrown at Sheila!! It's not her fault.

Renee--aka newtofantasy.

PS You may want to simply look at it because as of Aug. 10-13 it will be FREE as a KDP Select Promo. Please spread the (good) word.


Queen of Titania
Renee, you have my best wishes for the great success of your new Fantasy novel =)

I think that The Templer Plot would belong to Comic Fantasy (I did laugh while reading the few pages that you sent to me, all those months ago) so you should call it that. The story is fun and easy to read, and in my opinion the Fantasy literature today needs more stories like that.

Good luck!!
Thank you for your kind words, Sheila! As they say: From your mouth to God's ears, hopefully. And don't forget the free days starting on the 10th.