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I was wondering, what television shows reminds you of your childhood, rather than your childhood reminding you of a show. Something lived in, like Skins.

That show has it all for me, but if I was to choose another example, it would be Hogwarts.

There is also the South Park hint to my humour.

Also, I don’t know if I make sense, remind you of something similar, is what I mean. I want to know how you feel, because I am trying to reflect.

ps, everyone is the same, you could always throw up a fairer example,
I was homeschooled in the backcountry with six sibs. We went to church and Karate Class.
So you'd have to take the Brady Bunch, cut it with equal parts Little House on the Prairie and Road Warrior... then maybe dip a toothpick in both Invader Zim and Napoleon Dynamite and stir that in...

🤔 I should write this.