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Thoughts on Wattpad


I'm getting back into writing after about a decade hiatus. My old writer's forum is pretty dead, and it seems like pretty much everything has changed in the writing world. Back then indie publishing was the scourge and now it is the hot new thing. So I am trying to play a bit of catchup.

I've looked into Wattpad and find it intriguing. The biggest plus to me just seems to be ease of use. What do you all think of it?


I'm on the verge of publishing there again (still in the drafting phase). I tried it once before ages ago and didn't care for it much. Years later with a budding writing career in hand, I MUST find audience. Visibility is the biggest challenge of any author, especially prawny ones. So, Wattpad can help immeasurably with that.

Do some reading on it. The best advice I can give you is to look at your own writing goals and take it from there to see if Wattpad is a match for you. If you're writing for fun but still want to build an audience, it's a place to look into. Fantasy does well there, too. I'll break it down like this according to my experience:

Yes if:
-audience building
-hopeful ARC potential
-visibility (being in a bunch of places all at once with your work)
*Social outreach
-sharpening your writing skills
-sharpening your productivity skills (since it's recommended to post regularly on there, writing consistently is the only way to success)

NO if:
-looking for feedback (you'll get the occasional comment, but nothing deep)
-want to be validated as a writer
-think you'll make a million bucks since Wattpad pays their authors now (you have to be selected but it's a very real possibility)
-you don't want to socialize


Thanks so much for the reply! Can you tell me more on what exactly people post? Are they only posting full length novels (Serialized)? What if you just want to post a few chapters to see if there is any interest in your story? Or is this a site where people almost literally start a story and post as they go?

I recognize the serialized aspect, which is one of the parts I enjoy. As a writer, I think this could be highly motivational for me.

But I do see people noting that this is their "First draft," and all I can think is "Whoa! You're posting your first draft??" I'm finishing my first full-length novel first draft and there is no way (I mean NO WAY) that I would post that up. It's a mess! lol.

I fit most of your "Yes if" comments, though I don't know what you mean by ARC potential. I thought if you publish on wattpad then most traditional publishers won't be interested unless your like the lucky 1%.

I do want feedback. I had seen that people mentioned comments were hit and miss, but that people really liked the data you get to see (people dropping out like flies on chapter 25, for example).

I hope what I am getting at makes sense. :)


If you'd like feedback, I suggest beta readers or writing buddies who read the type of stories you write for this task. I wouldn't rely on Joe Schmoe Anybody to say what needs fixing in your novel if they aren't a properly targeted reader in your audience.

As for your other questions, people post all sorts of stuff. I have posted first drafts on there and intend to continue doing so. This is part of the refinement process for me and I write clean drafts to begin with. Everyone is different though.

ARC= advanced reader copy for early reviews on your published books.