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*turns up to the function unannounced*


Hello hello, my name is Shoop.
I am a 20 year old male who likes to bake, draw and worldbuild for recreational purposes. I'm no expert in anything to be honest, I'm mainly here to see the worldbuilding of others and engage in questions and commentary of it, I'm also planning to talk about my own project a tad, which in basic terms is a superhero/modern fantasy setting, lovely to meet you all by the way! :giggle:


Thank you Demesnednoir and pmmg! Both of your welcomes I appreciate, I shall see what awaits me in this cozy little forum. :p


Welcome. I agree with Finchbearer. Lots of world-builders and lots of worlds. A testimony to an overpowering need to depart prevailing realities, at least in our own minds.
Probably a sign of non-sanity. But fun though. :cat: