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Underground civilization


My Kepler Bb people have an underground civilization. Each home is very intricate in connections.

I have been keeping my thoughts in a diary.

The last 2 thoughts I have tracked are thoughts related to baby care.

Robin and Lisa are currently working to get ready for a baby. Lisa gets fruit from a wild fruit garden close to home and vegetables from a wild vegetable garden close to home. Conveniently the grains are right by their home with everything from rice to wheat to oats. She also knows the way to Robin's grandparents for her trees and grapevines(the citrus that live here are just as good as regular citrus but are much more cold tolerant(can survive below freezing temperatures, even mild negatives no problem)). The trees and grapevines she get are young but already producing fruit.

She is wanting a child in less than 3 years. Unfortunately, berry bushes take 3 years to grow to a sufficient size to produce fruit. So the blueberries she has planted will have to wait 3 years before she can harvest them. To make it even worse, Robin's grandparents don't have blueberry bushes themselves. However they do have pots and a very strong cow. Lisa knows how to ride this cow so I was wondering, should she get some pots and have the cow transport them to the fruit garden so that she can transplant the young but fruiting berry bushes and then ask Robin to transplant them close to the greenhouse(this is where she plants her annuals and they become perennials in there with temperature control) and return the cow to his grandparents after Robin gets the berry bushes?

I'm also wondering on Robin's side. He is doing all the building and transplanting. Most of the building is in the baby room. He has already built a knitting room. The people on Kepler B# are very high tech and can teleport yarn to them as it is made in all the colors of the rainbow and more along with knitting needles of all sizes, a knitting manual, and a big book of baby knitting patterns(including diapers) from trivial to extremely difficult. Basically they are teleporting a knitting kit. Along with that they are teleporting the 2 ends of an interplanetary communicator. 1 end is to be put outside for Robin and Lisa and eventually their child Alma to send signals to the planet. The other end is to be put in the main room for the response. The response can be heard at all levels, even deep underground so that isn't a problem.

Anyway, he has the crib made and is working on a changing table. But what else should he build there? He is already working on collecting and smoothing rocks for the baby to climb on since climbing is the first milestone at 1 month.

This probably means that the baby would be grabbing soon after birth and not just when the hand is stimulated by the mother.

Crawling happens at 2 months. Until then, when the baby can climb it would have to creep(Basically pulling itself forward with its arms) to the tunnel and climb down the rocks and into the crib or onto the changing table.

The other milestones are as follows:

3 months: sitting and single words
6 months: standing and phrases and short sentences
9 months: walking and questions, starting solids
1 year: running and jumping, normal talking, reading

So anyway, besides the changing table and crib, what should he put in there? A wardrobe where Lisa can put her knitted clothes and organize them so that diapers are up top, shirts, sweaters, onesies, dresses, and rompers are on the third shelf, hats are on the second shelf, pants and skirts are on the fourth shelf, and booties and socks are in their own drawers at the bottom? But then where would accessories like headbands go? And should he build a mobile for the baby and put that above the crib? Anything else you think he should build?