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Discussion in 'Writers on the Web' started by phantommuseums, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. phantommuseums

    phantommuseums Scribe

    Anyone on Wattpad? Thoughts? Complaints? Praise?

    I've been on for awhile. It's been difficult for me to find any sort of community. Seems like there are a lot of success stories, and a lot of children. As a 24 year old, I'd love someone to talk shop and provide support.

    My account is phantommuseumsphantommuseums.
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  2. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator


    I am one of the few Wattpadians that are also part of Mythic Scribes. Well, to be honest I joined this site here first and Wattpad some years later, but I feel that Wattpad is my real home. I have been a lot more active at Wattpad than Mythic Scribes, since I encountered severe conflict in this community some years ago.

    Wattpad is nice, a place to enjoy and celebrate imagination and stories, but it's certainly not a perfect place.

    The greatest problem with Wattpad is that there are so many high quality stories around, that it's rather difficult to get some attention for yours. Also, it seems to me that Wattpad is more of a social thing, instead of a literary thing. Success depends a lot on the contacts that you have, how social you are and how socially-acceptable your stories are.

    I am super antisocial and a freak like you have no idea, so I am at a disadvantage at Wattpad.

    There are a lot of teenage Wattpadians, but I have met plenty of adults and even old folks that love the place. In general, you can find good friends and a lot of like-minded people there if you are dedicated to the site.

    Another bad thing about Wattpad, well... I know of certain very disgusting things that have taken place there, but I should not talk about them here. I was part of one of the secret communities there as part of my ambitions to become an Ambassador (the Wattpad "Mods" without real Mod powers) but then I discovered how the system works, and I abandoned the program.

    I still love Wattpad, anyway.

    I am going to follow you and check out your stories, let's be friends!
  3. CelestialGrace

    CelestialGrace Minstrel

    I have some work up on Wattpad - just as another place to direct people to my work. I haven't had the time to devote to building a connection there; that might change over time.
  4. Chessie2

    Chessie2 Staff Article Team

    I was on Wattpad for a while and did pretty well by my expectations. I had active followers/readers who seemed to enjoy my work. All was going well until one day, I decided that I didn't want to give my work away for free anymore. So I deleted my account and moved my free stories to paid. In the end, I didn't really receive much benefit from having been on Wattpad anyway.
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  5. M Crane Hana

    M Crane Hana New Member

    I had a fantasy mms & some short stories on Wattpad a few years ago. I got over a thousand views, some useful critiques, but in the end I wasn't social enough to mix well.
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  6. Alora pendrak

    Alora pendrak Scribe

    Hi i recently joined Watt pad and i've actually gotten some more attention since i've started reading other people's stories likeing them and joining conversations. i cann't post everything on Mystic scribes becuse some of it has more adult content then i think i'm allowed to post. On Watt pad i just put on rateing filters and i'll be fine. The only complaint i have is there is so much good stuff i feel like missing out on reading, just becuse i don't know about it.
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  7. Darkfantasy

    Darkfantasy Inkling

    I joined years ago and although I like it for some reasons I decided it wasn't the place for me. It's full of kids that know very little about writing so you rarely get an useful feedback and they are mostly reading other people's work in order to get more views for their own. Some bother even bother to read the work and just piggy-back of other people's comments on just write "this is amazing" and the writer is none the wiser. If you ask these people something specific about the chapter they never get back to you. So I never ended up posting anything. I'm not much of a socialite any way.

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